Don't be stuck in a catastrophe without the necessary gear.

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Survival Kits

Don’t waste your time and money trying to piece together a survival kit on your own. This is your chance to find every type of kit in one place and have it delivered directly to your door. Our disaster survival kit has everything you need to battle any adversity head-on.

You can’t predict when disaster will strike, but you can take action to keep your family as safe as possible. Our emergency survival kit is so much more than just a food storage system. Our kits will give your access to clean water, versatile lightweight tools, first aid kits, and much more. You can choose from a variety of sizes so that you can keep a survival kit in your home, office, car, and even your children’s classroom.

Preparing for emergencies isn't something we necessarily like to think about, but let's face it; sooner or later you WILL be affected by a disaster or emergency outside of your control. Why not have the peace of mind today that you'll be ready for whatever comes your way?  One of the hardest things to decide is what emergency should I prepare for? 

While the overall effect of each emergency is unique, your needs remain the same. By ensuring that your basic needs are met in every situation, our emergency kit provides the versatility required to effectively manage multiple potential outcomes.

Here at we specialize in providing quality, affordable emergency preparedness items to protect you and your family whether at home, work, school, or even on the road. No matter what the emergency, we have your needs covered.  

Our emergency survival kits, emergency preparedness kits, and long term food storage items are each individually assembled at our warehouse here in the US and then shipped via UPS directly to you. Check out our kits today and find Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Storm, Tornado, Power Outagethe right one for your needs. 

After all, when our customers depend on someone to deliver the highest quality product, we want you to know we've built our business with you in mind. When people think of survival kits, they think of us. And that's because we're renowned for:

  • Fast shipping
  • Making every order a priority
  • Carrying only the highest quality products
  • Keeping the customer in mind every step of the way
  • Maintaining security and confidentiality throughout our site
  • Keeping you informed on how to better prepare for any catastrophe

Catastrophe Survival Kits - Emergency Survival Kits - Long Term Food & Emergency Preparedness Items


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